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Mese: Settembre 2017

Quick Start Guide – Enterprise Integrator 6.1.1 – WSO2 Documentation

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) is a comprehensive solution that allows you to seamlessly integrate applications, services, data and business processes to support modern enterprise integration requirements. This quick start guide will take you on a quick tour of WSO2 EI to help you understand what you can achieve using this product. We will use a sample use case for this purpose as explained below.

Sorgente: Quick Start Guide – Enterprise Integrator 6.1.1 – WSO2 Documentation

I cavi usb


Fake SSH

A fake SSH server that lets everyone in and logs their activity


Un finto server SSH che accetta tutti e logga l’attività … bellissimo

Rasoio di Hanlon – Wikipedia

Non presumere mai cattiveria laddove basti la stupidità


Riconoscimento facciale bypassato

Il problema dell’autenticazione biometrica è che è come dire la tua password a tutti quelli che incontri… Non stupiamoci poi se…

Basta una foto in alta definizione per sbloccare Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sorgente: Note 8: riconoscimento facciale bypassato (come su Galaxy S8) – VIDEO

Impara RxJs

Clear examples, explanations, and resources for RxJS.


RxJS is one of the hottest libraries in web development today. Offering a powerful, functional approach for dealing with events and with integration points into a growing number of frameworks, libraries, and utilities, the case for learning Rx has never been more appealing. Couple this with the ability to utilize your knowledge across nearly any language, having a solid grasp on reactive programming and what it can offer seems like a no-brainer.


Learning RxJS and reactive programming is hard […]

Impara RxJs

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