Dark and Light, new access mode revealed: Discovery Mode
Come back to Ganareth and invite your friends to join you in this adventure!

It’s all very simple: All you need to start playing is a valid Dark and Light Forum account.

It’s free: As soon as your forum account is activated, you can start playing immediately for free.

No time limit: This access is active for the whole lifetime of Dark and Light.

What’s the trick? No trick, just the goal to give most players the chance to start an unlimited adventure in the world of Ganareth.
From the 10th level, the gamer continues the adventure with no limit but he cannot collect more XP points (Fighting, Social, and Craft).
If he decides to keep progressing though Ganareth, he will have to buy a Dark and Light activation key and will have to choose to be either a Freedom or a Master player.

For more information about the different offers available of Dark and Light, click here.

In sintesi che si dice? Si puo provare dark and light gratuitamente e senza limiti di tempo. L’unica limitazione è che a livello 10 il personaggio si blocca e non expa più. Per andare avanti bisogna pagare. Io magari una prova la faccio…