Dalla descrizione del gruppo “Faccia Libro” su facebook.com

“1. Doraemon is an important figure in your life
2. The biggest thing to look forward to after school is la merendina
3. [ROME] It makes sense to you that it takes 40 minutes to travel 10 kms
4. You are convinced that this is a universal truth: dove c’e’ Barilla, c’e’ casa.
5. You say “che ti frega” on a regular basis
6. You know what this means: TVB, TVTB, TVTTB, TVTTTTTTTTTTB, TVTRB, TVUMDB
7. You used to think Cristina D’Avena was soooooo cool
8. You resent the fact that when you grew up, Topo Gigio got REALLY annoying
9. You’ve always wanted to write a letter to Sonia and Birillo
10. Breaking the law isn’t a big deal for you
11. You say “aooo”
12. You don’t go out so you can stay at home and watch: Zelig, Festivalbar, or Amici
13. You do the corna when there’s something che porta sfiga
14. You have chanted: “Che ce frega de _____, Noi c’avemo _____”
15. You’re wearing tighter jeans than your girlfriend
16. Your day doesn’t start until the second cappuccio
17. You know more names of veline than politicians
18. [ROME] When your friends were 11, they had a gameboy, when your friends were 12, they had a cell phone. When your friends were 13, they had a macchinetta.
19. You watch cooking programs and think “cazzo, non sanno cucinare come la nonna”
20. You feel the need to buy a new Smemoranda every year, KNOWING the only thing you’ll do with it is doodle and write swear words when you’re bored in class”

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